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Uganda launches bird watching day

Uganda Big Birding Day (BBD) highlights the plight of birds in the country, use bird conservation to help promote domestic tourism in the country and to promote Uganda as a global birding destination. It bird watchers, tourism promoters and conservationists and the rest of the world in an exciting event. “Uganda is …

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20 National Parks across Kenya that you can visit this holiday

The much anticipated Christmas holiday are upon us. Holiday plans are the news of the day with friends, family and colleague asking about what you have in store. There is more pressure on parents to entertain their kids. There is also pressure all round for loved ones to connect. If …

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Africa’s antelopes face extinction

Five species of African antelopes among them world’s largest antelope are going extinct due to poaching, habitat degradation and competition with domestic livestock. According to IUCN the species though most antelopes remain unthreatened, five of the species in Africa are declining drastically. “Antelopes have been declining as human populations continue …

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FIVE important things to understand before visiting Saint Louis, Senegal

Saint Louis in Senegal northern coast is famous for being having architecture that dates back to the French Colonial era built at least a century ago, it has been loosely called the Venice of Africa. This magnificent run down buildings are the reason why the city was named a world …

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Ashry Narty; the island of beauty and art

by Egypt Independent On the bank of the Nile River in Nubia, there is a small breathtaking village called Gharb Sohail where a group of youth decided to build a cozy hotel where visitors can enjoy the glorious Nubian lifestyle with a relaxing view of the Nile surrounding the place. …

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The four skiing destinations in Africa

Morocco Skiing in Morocco is said to be pretty new. There are two skiing resorts in Morocco, Mischliffen, near Fès, and Oukaïmden, near Marrakesh. The best snow coverage is from January to March. And according to lonely planet, weekends are busiest while lift operations are limited on weekdays. Oukaimeden is …