Giza, Egypt --- Great Sphinx --- Image by © Paul Hardy/CORBIS
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The ultimate guide to touring Egypt like a King

Powerful ancient kingdoms and Egypt go hand in hand. The rich relics that have withstood the test of time to tell the modern time of a time Kings ruled over land are the biggest attraction in Egypt.   Relive the ancient kingdoms by visiting these sites across the country. Cairo …

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Bazaruto; Africa’s most beautiful destination?

Mozambique is the getaway to one of Africa’s most breathtaking islands of Bazaruto. The untouched islands with expense of deserted sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs with bursting marine life and vast blue waters. Bazaruto Archipelago is often called the pearl of the Indian Ocean because of its undeniable beauty across …

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Kenya to begin direct flights to the US in October this year

Kenya is on the homestretch to beginning direct flights to USA late this year. The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in the capital city in Nairobi is making headways in meeting all the required adjustments suggested by the American government for the flights to begin. The country’s carrier airlines, Kenya airlines has …

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Discover Kenya’s thriving underwater life

Kenya has a teeming water life in its waters begging to be explored. The marine life reveals itself to those that are willing to go for diving and snorkeling. It is not only experts that can do this but even amateurs are shown how to dive and snorkel. Snorkeling is …

bird watching in Uganda (3)
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Uganda launches bird watching day

Uganda Big Birding Day (BBD) highlights the plight of birds in the country, use bird conservation to help promote domestic tourism in the country and to promote Uganda as a global birding destination. It bird watchers, tourism promoters and conservationists and the rest of the world in an exciting event. “Uganda is …

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20 National Parks across Kenya that you can visit this holiday

The much anticipated Christmas holiday are upon us. Holiday plans are the news of the day with friends, family and colleague asking about what you have in store. There is more pressure on parents to entertain their kids. There is also pressure all round for loved ones to connect. If …