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Eight exciting things to do in Morocco this year

Here are eight events lined up in Morocco this year that are bound to leave you excited and with a whole new world of experience in the north African Kingdom. Beyond Sahara 2017 Traveling across North Africa into Sahara Desert camps for music, dancing, yoga, mediation, parties, arts, crafts, food, …

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Mount Kenya losing its glaciers as climate change bites

Africa’s second highest mountain, Mountain Kenya glaciers are fast disappearing at a rate that is expected to accelerate due to the drought alert, reports the East African. The mountain is one of Kenya’s water towers supplying water to millions of people living around the mountain and major supplier to the …

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Amazing ancient rock art in Africa

Africa has rich history that dates back to the earliest known history of man. Like modern man the ancient man was very creative and innovative.  Paintings in caves and rocks have been discovered across Africa giving a snip view of what happened back in history.   Laas Gel, Somalia Laas …

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South Africa’s wine tasting tour on a tram!

South Africa is Africa’s most popular wine destination, and for the 14 wine estates that make up Franschoek (French corner) in Cape Province in the country, wine tasting has been taken to the next level with the introduction of a tram that uses a rail track built over 100 years …

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Kenya’s lakeside city of Kisumu to throw a holiday festival party

Kenya’s lakeside city of Kisumu!!! to hold a holiday festival on the 17th & 18th of December, at Tom Mboya Labour College  #DalaFest

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World’s first skydiving anti-poaching Dog honored by Guinness world record

by SABC A German Shepherd dog specially trained to combat Africa’s poaching crisis has been recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s first sky-diving anti-poaching dog. Two-year-old Arrow made his maiden jump at the Waterkloof Airforce Base on the outskirts of Pretoria with handler Henry Holsthyzen of Paramount Group’s …